Thoroughgoing Quality from a Display Home Builder in Brisbane

Thoroughgoing Quality

Quality is king, as the somewhat peculiar yet expressive proverb declares, and this is doubly true when you are searching for the right display home builder in Brisbane to meet your needs. Offering you a marriage of bold contemporary design, exciting architectural aesthetics, and the finest quality construction that you are likely to find anywhere in Queensland, Mark Wust Constructions ( brings an energetic approach and highly professional, experienced house builders to your construction site.

Buying one of our display homes is a good way to get a beautiful designer home very quickly indeed. We build these homes in order to demonstrate our construction techniques and our thoroughgoing approach to making houses that will last for a long time while retaining their cutting edge attractiveness and crisp, clean, modern flair.

Like all of the houses that we build, our display homes are engineered to be sturdy and complete, and to meet the challenges that homeowners in modern Australia are likely to encounter as well. For example, all of our homes are constructed to be typhoon resistant, and can withstand cyclonic winds up to W41. Wooden parts of the buildings are made out of timber that has been treated to repel termites, and all termite-proofing regulations are observed in their construction.

Countless details that make occupancy more comfortable are included, too. Numerous power points, wiring fully set up for television and telephone, luxurious porcelain doorknobs and doorstops that prevent these from knocking dents into the walls, smoke detectors, superb quality painting, roller doors on the garage, and many, many other details help you feel at home from the first moment you stride across the threshold.

Of course, when you are buying a dwelling build by a display home builder in Brisbane like Mark Wust Constructions, you are exchanging customization for speed of occupancy. Any custom details to your new house will need to be added later, as a separate project, since the house is already completed and ready to move into.

On the other hand, our house designs are so striking and individual, and the interiors are so comfortable, that you will likely find that you want to use the display home exactly as it was when you bought it. Visit us on the Internet today at or call us to discover what display homes are available for you to buy today and move into tomorrow!


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