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You’ve probably always dreamt of moving into your own custom built house. But your dream does take a lot of work and you will need a reliable partner to help you with the nuances of construction. A contractor alone cannot get the job done, especially if you are looking for a land and house deal.

We have been in the construction business for over 25 years, bringing Australians across Brisbane joy in occupying their dream, luxury home, built in prime locations and constructed in style.

Our process

As the leading Sunshine Coast Builder, we offer excellent listings of land for constructing your new property. Once we match your preferences with those available and zero in on the perfect piece of land for you, we move onto other construction aspects. To make sure you get a good idea of what to expect from us, we take you through our extensive home designs.

Armed with a better understanding of your needs, we get to work. Our plans are a blend of your chosen layout combined with our expert structural planning. We realise that you may like to incorporate a few changes like electrical or power outlets, and plumbing lines. So we do keep a few of these finer details open ended to improvise upon completion of the main structure.

We finish up by leaving no traces of a construction mess and ensure that we meet the timeframe set at the commencement of the project.

More than just a construction team

The chaos that comes with hiring different builders, contractors, sub contractors, workmen, craftsmen, electrician and plumbers can be daunting enough to blind side you from focusing on your new home. We can eliminate this hassle and set you up with a team who are accustomed to working closely with each other and producing the best results.

There’s a good reason we are among the leading builders in the Sunshine Coast. Our experienced and well trained team makes the process a smooth one for you, allowing you to enjoy the process of building your luxury house instead of dreading the responsibilities that come with it.

Contact Mark Wust Constructions for further details or call (07) 5498 3071 to set up a consultation with our experts.

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